CA 020 hitemp refractory cementCement Carborundum Mortar


Cement Carborundum mortar is used for laying and pointing fireclay or other alumina-based refractory brickwork. It can be used in contact with most refractories at elevated temperatures and has a very strong set at low temperatures, making it effective for lower temperature applications. Because of its fine, smooth texture, it is well-suited for dipped joints. The shelf life of this mortar, particularly in hot weather, is very good compared to many other mortars.

Specifications Compliance

  • Federal SS-C-160A
  • Type III Grade U
  • Military: MIL -1-24244A*
  • ASTM: C195
  • Indicate on order when this compliance is required

Typical Physical Properties

  • Grain size 35F
  • Density (cast and fired) 113 lbs/ft3(1810kg/m3
  • Maximum Hot Face Temperature 3000°F (1649°C)
  • Water added per 100 lbs (45.4 kg)
  • Troweling: Use as received in pails
  • Dipping, brushing, spraying 4-8 pints (2-4 liters) (4-8%)
  • Set Time: Stiffens in 1 hour

The maximum use temperature stated is for continuous duty, “dry” heat, hot face service. Results may vary as affected by slags, hot metals, chemical fumes etc.

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kast o lite refractory cement

Kast-O-Lite High Temp Furnace Cement


Kast-O-Lite 1600 High Temp Furnace Cement/ 25lb bag
A 1600°F (871°C) insulating cement with outstanding low density and very low thermal conductivity that can be applied by casting or gunning.

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Kast-O-Lite 2200 High Temp Furnace Cement/ 55lb bag
A lightweight castable for temperatures to 2200°F (1205°C). It features low thermal conductivity and good strength for such a lightweight material.

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