Handhole and Manway Boiler Gaskets


TOPOG-E® molded rubber gaskets are used in boilers, water heaters and air tanks that use pressures to 180 psi and temperatures to 380°F. TOPOG-E® gaskets can be easily replaced without any chiseling or buffing of the surface. Obround and elliptical sizes are available for both handhole and manway applications. Not available in sheet form.


Grafoil® Die Cut Gaskets are capable of sealing effectively at 5400°F in an inert atmosphere and up to 1250°F in steam. The gaskets are made from pure graphite flakes that have been exfoliated and formed into a sheet by applying extreme heat and pressure. The desired thickness is achieved by laminating thin sheets together using no chemical additives. Used in many places including heat exchanger gaskets, manifold gaskets, head gaskets and exhaust rings. Available with or without SS insert.


BLUE MAX Manufactured from proprietary tacky cloth of glass, synthetic fibers and brass wire, impregnated with blue elastomer compound. The material is cut and formed to the desired shape, then coated with a proprietary PTFE material per MIL SPEC T-27730A. The finished gasket is easily installed and removed. Test by major boiler manufacturers confirm that Blue Max gasket seal with zero leakage on steam to 450 PSI and on cold water hydro tests to 1500 PSI. Blue Max withstands working temperatures up to 500°F.


Spiral Wound Gaskets are manufactured by wrapping alternating layers of thin metal such as 304 stainless steel and soft gasket filler material such as non-asbestos material, ceramic, graphite or Teflon®. The chevron shaped profile of the gasket provides resilience and “spring like” characteristics that enhances the performance of the gasket. The shapes available are round, oval, obround, diamond, square and rectangle. Standard pressure is 0-999 PSI. Available to fit all standard boiler and pipe flange sizes. Spiral Wound Gaskets are often used for manhole or handhole applications.