Oillift™ Flubber Dust Oil Grease Absorber

FD-200  33 lb. (15kg) pail
FD-100  2.2 lbs. (1kg) jar

Oil Lift's Genuine Flubber Dust absorbs oil, grease and fat while removing odors from a variety of surfaces. Flubber Dust simultaneously cleans the affected surface and also provides temporary anti-slip relief. Our formulation can be heated in the sun to break down the absorbed oil and be reused over and over again. Active biological agents in Oil Lift™ Flubber Dust attach themselves to oil and biodegrade contaminates naturally.

Easy to use: Sprinkle on oils, fats and/or greases then let it sit and absorb. Sweep up and place in the sun to break down the oil and reuse over and over again. Utilize Oillift Flubber Dust to absorb oil and grease and return your affected surface to its natural state. Can be used in conjunction with Oil Lift Oil Remover as directed for cleaning and stain removal.

  • Easy clean-up, Sprinkle, let absorb and sweep up.
  • Absorbs oil, grease and fat
  • Temporary anti-slip relief
  • Reusable, saves money
  • Sucks oils & odors from surfaces—including carpet!