SealPro Emulsifier Degreaser Cleaner

5 Gallon Pail

Heavy-duty degreaser and cleaner that instantly and spontaneously emulsifies grease and oils. This non-polluting 100% biodegradable product is safe to use and USDA approved. It contains a powerful disinfectant which eliminates odors. Kosher approved.

Sealpro Emulsifier is a concentrated industrial grade cleaner and heavy duty degreaser so unique that a patent (US Patent No 4065409), has been granted for its synthetic action. Emulsifier may be used with conventional mop and bucket or can work as a spray application.

Extremely effective when used with pressure washers and automatic scrubbers where cleaning solutions are only in contact for a few seconds and must act quickly. Contains no butyl, petroleum or chlorinated solvents.

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