Sphag Sorb biodegradable oil absorbent large kit

SP-248  Sphag Sorb Bag Spill Kit
SP-250  SS-14 SRK — 14 Gallon Drum Spill Kit

Also available in loose fit bags, socks, pads and pillows

Sphag Sorb is an all-natural product manufactured from sphagnum peat moss, originating in the bogs of Canada. A lab tested, field proven industrial absorbent. Sphag Sorb outperforms all other types of absorbent materials. 

Sphag Sorb solves the toughest cleanup problems with a complete line of environmentally safe, industrial absorbent products. Sphag Sorb meets or exceeds all applicable standards for effective cleanup and disposal of oil, gasoline, fuel, solvents and nearly every other organic chemical.

Sphag Sorb meets EPA standards for disposal in landfills. It will not leach and passes TCLP at ratios much lower than competing absorbents.

A high BTU value for incineration and lower volume of Sphag Sorb required means lower disposal costs. Reduces flammable vapors by 90%.

Bag Kit Contents - Absorption 8 to 12 gallons

  • 1 Water Resistant, Nylon Tote Bag
  • 1 Sphag Sorb (3/4 Cu Ft Loose fill bag)
  • 4 Sphag Sorb 18"x18" Pad
  • 2 Sphag Sorb 2" x 60" Sock
  • 1 Sphag Sorb Disposal Bag (Heavy Duty)
  • 1 Sphag Sorb Dust Mask
  • 1 Sphag Sorb Glove (pr/Nitrile)
  • 1 PI 500 (500ml Plug it) Absorption: 8 to 12 gallons

Drum Kit - Absorption 12 to 14 gallons

14 Gallon Spill Kit w/ UN DOT Drum

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