Copaltite Sealing Compound


Net Wt. 5 ounce liquid tube

Also Available in:

Liquid Quart Jar (CO-118-L)
5 Ounce Cement Tube (CO-116-C)
Cement Quart Jar (CO-118-C)

High temperature liquid compound is used on steam joints up to 2000 psi and 1200° F. Copaltite can also be used on flanges without the use of a gasket up to 6500 psi and on threaded joints up to 10,000 psi. May be used for connection of metal, ceramic, rubber and most plastics. Suitable where severe vibration and stresses are encountered. It is still possible to separate joints after extended use at high temperature when using Copaltite.

Temperature range from -350°F to 1500°F on non-steam applications.

Copaltite is available in two forms:

Cement Form: Used for rough or scored surfaces. Also used as a gun grooving compound. It possesses anti-seize properties for very high temperature applications.

Liquid Form: Used for threaded and other machined connections. For close tolerances thin films of sealant are attainable. Although normally used without gaskets, liquid form makes an excellent gasket dressing.

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