Friction Guard Synthetic Lubricant

4 ounce telescoping spout container
Also available 12 per case (FG-104-12)
16 ounce bottle (FG-116), or 12 per case (FG-116-12)

Friction Guard component is a surface metal conditioner that is added to oil or synthetic lubes. Forms a chemical bond that actually penetrates the pores of metal surfaces to create a remarkably strong film. Metal to metal contact is reduced by the film resulting in less friction, less wear, lower operating temperatures and increased equipment life.

It is heat-stable, non-corrosive, soluble in oil and completely safe in all types of rotating and sliding equipment. Reduces the chance of catastrophic failure which is caused by accidental loss of lubrication. Tests have shown it also increased the lubricity of the oil measurably and increases horsepower and torque at all RPM.

USES: Engines-gas-diesel-2 cycle, manual and automatic transmissions, gear boxes, generators, refrigeration units, compressors, drive shafts, pumps, reductions gears, differentials, air tools and all other rotating equipment.

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