Reparex Ceramic Composite

RP-CRL-B Ceramic / Blue Liquid
RP-CRL-R Ceramic / Red Liquid
RP-CRL-B Ceramic Alloy Putty

Ceramic alloy composite is a finely divided alumina (as the wear resistant media) and micron range size graphite powder combination that forms a smooth, brushable liquid or a buttery putty. This system has exceptional strength, chemical inertness, and a slick, anti-friction work surface for long life abrasion control.

Both liquid and putty are mixed 1:1, have working time of 20 minutes, a cure time of 4-8 hours, and can be used up to 250°F. The liquid has a tensile strength of 6500 psi and an ultimate compressive strength of 17,500 psi. The putty has a tensile strength of 5800 psi and an ultimate compressive strength of 17,500 psi.

Applications Include: Rebuild pump casings and impeller blades, resurface flanges, reline valves and provide a smooth, non-corrosive glaze surface.

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