Bellows Seal

TYPE 680
The type 680 series are high performance bellows seals for applications such as water, waste water and other general process fluids. These seals have no sliding secondary seals which eliminates the problem of seal face hang up, the major cause of failure of spring loaded seals. Effective contact of sealing faces is maintained and leakage to the atmosphere is minimized. By using a static secondary seal, damaging shaft or sleeve fretting and subsequent premature seal failure is avoided. Unlike springs, bellows seals are non-clogging and the durable design can withstand higher viscosity fluids and a higher concentration of solids.

TYPE 660
The type 660 is ideal for general purpose application. Its alloy 20 bellows provides excellent corrosion resistance. May be used in temperatures from -100°F to 400°F, pressures up to 300 PSI and speeds up to 4500 RPM.