Rust Destroyer

RU-DES-2 – 13 ounce aerosol (6 per case)
– 1 Quart (6 per case)
– 1 Gallon (4 per case)

Rust Destroyer is the only patented rust converting paint primer engineered to be applied directly over rusted metal, new bare metal or rusted painted metal. It is guaranteed to stop rust up to five full years when applied in accordance to label instructions. Remove loose rust and apply two thin coasts ten minutes apart to a dry film thickness of 3 mils per coat. One spray can covers approximately 15 square feet. Rust Destroyer is USDA and FDA cleared and sanctioned to be used in food processing plants.

Use on any rusted metal and also to prime metal where paint has been removed by welding or abrasion. This is an exceptional universal metal primer that can be used anywhere there is a need to stop rust from continuing on old steel or forming on bare or newly exposed steel, iron or sheet metal.

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