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  •   High Temperature Refactory Cement is a product to be used where better insulation efficiency is required and a smooth finish is not essential.
      It is made from nodules of rock wool and colloidal clays. When mixed with water to a trowelable consistency, the rock wool nodules retain their physical structure
      and the dead air cells confined in them provide maximum insulating efficiency and light weight.

  •   This cement is easy to apply over metal surfaces. With its corrosion inhibitor, it prevents rust from forming at the bonding surface between
      the metal and the cement.

  •   Effective to 1900°F (1040°C), our cement, containing no asbestos, is easily applied over large or small irregular surfaces not suited to blocks,
      blankets or rigid insulation, and provides a monolithic coat of insulation without cracks or joints.

  •   High Temperature Refactory Cement is available in 50 pound plastic buckets. This format makes it ideal for both new construction and for maintenance work.

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